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I Celebrate You!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

I celebrate all who have survived these life-threatening experiences of domestic violence and breast cancer! You are individuals who have shown great courage, faith, and hope.

While these two ills in society are different in scope, there are similarities. The devastating effects of these weigh heavy on the overall well-being of all affected.

  • Both cause physical pain, mental anguish and emotional instability, and can cause spiritual apathy.

  • Both are life-threatening.

  • Both cause physical pain.

  • Both has the power to influence one’s perspective on life. That influence can be positive or negative depending on the support system and environment.

  • Both will cause one to question their faith and trust in God even if they are Christian.

  • Both can affect one’s family for generations genetically and psychologically.

However, the one major difference is that domestic violence is the painful, abusive treatment and violent acts of an individual against the person they say they love!

I celebrate you because despite the difficulty you did not lose hope! Undoubtedly, at times you felt hopeless. You may have thought about giving up, and feared the worst. You may have been too weak physically and psychologically to fight, but you were stronger than you thought. Your fears did not conquer your faith. Your feelings did not extinguish your hopes for change in your circumstance. God’s purpose prevailed because He had already planned for you to win!

He has given you a personal story of victory despite adversity. You now have a voice that is necessary to give hope to others. Now you must seize every opportunity to speak out! Now you can use your voice to speak up for the voiceless! Do not be ashamed of your survival. The pains of your past can now bridge the gap between purpose and promise. Share your story of victory. Someone’s life may depend on your testimony. You can very well be the solution to your sister's problem.

I celebrate you, my Sister!


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