Queen E. Phillips

Giving you the keys to knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to unlock the greatness within to live a purposeful, powerful and productive life.


We are committed to seeing lives transformed by giving them the keys to unlock their potential, change their way of thinking, and see themselves from a kingdom perspective.

Those keys also give access to knowledge and wisdom through the literature.


Thinking Big: Learn the danger of small thinking.

Thoughts control behavior and attitude.

Fear and negative thoughts are major hindrances to pursuing dreams and goals and fulfilling purpose.


The Path to Promise: How to Move Forward After Brokenness.

This book gives the keys to unlock potential and learn how to get unstuck living with regrets and the pains of the past.

An action plan is included.


Be Free to Forgive: If you have experienced life's challenges, then more than likely, you have been faced with the decision to forgive or not forgive. Your decision to forgive or not affects your total well-being. It also has an eternal impact. 

This book helps you to see and understand forgiveness from God's perspective, and walks

you through the process to become free from

the power of your offender. We will know the truth and experience the liberating power of forgiveness.