I will help you do the following:

  • Identify personal goals and make plans to achieve them

  • Explore options and challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone

  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses to maximize your potential

  • Redirect your thoughts and control your emotions personal growth & development

  • Remove roadblocks such as fear, procrastination, perfectionism and hold you accountable to stay on the path to success, always moving forward

  • Ultimately, as your coach, I will assist and guide you in getting to the desired result. 

I will help you reach your desired result by... 

  • Providing training and consultation to give you the keys to access what is already within you.

  • Providing training to individuals and groups on personal growth & development, social interaction, and situational leadership.

  • Motivating you to implement what you learn or already know.

  • Encouraging and pushing you to move forward and let go of past mistakes and failures

  • Offering inspirational resources to keep you focused, faithful and fearless. 

  • Holding you accountable and challenging you to launch out and activate your gift(s) to help others.

Basic Coaching Plan

3 -30-minute sessions for 3 months.

Flexible time & time

This three (3) month coaching plan is designed to identify your personal goals and develop an action plan to begin moving forward to achieve your goals.

3-30 minute sessions for 3 months.

Flexible time/date



Spiritual Discipline

7 Traits of Emotional Intelligent People

Every day we face situations that require self-control and emotional stability, i.e., traffic jams, difficult people, and traumatic events in life. This training provides keys to displaying emotional intelligence.

Spiritual Coaching

How to Move Forward After Brokenness

This training is an overview based on the book, “The Path to Promise: How to Move Forward After Brokenness.” Life happens! Often the pains of our past can immobilize us and keep us from moving forward into a promising future. This training offer four (4) basic steps and an action plan to help individuals get ‘unstuck’ and focus on the future.