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Queen Esther Phillips (birth name) is committed to being a change agent. She helps guide individuals through the process of moving from where they are to where they want to go.

Now she uses her wisdom and expertise as a life transformation coach and faith-based consultant. She offers coaching programs to individuals and groups, conducts seminars and workshops. Her passion is to give the keys to unlock their potential, change their way of thinking and see from a kingdom perspective. Royalty Solutions (formerly QEP Enterprises for 10 years) is a sole proprietorship (Owner, Queen E. Phillips). She has worked in administration and management and supervisory positions for twenty (20) years. In each of these positions, she trained and developed employees, which included vocational rehabilitation counselors and area managers.  

As an administrative services technician for five (5) years, she trained unit staff in procurement policy, purchasing procedures and provided technical training in software and computer as needed. For the past fifteen (15) years, Queen has conducted workshops, presented at conferences and developed personal self-help courses, life coaching packages,  written, and published Christian Living books. She is a media specialist for a major religious organization, writes an annual curriculum for an international women’s organization, and a staff writer for a leading religious subscription magazine. 

Providing the guidance and training needed for powerful and purposeful living.



The target audience is  age 18 and up. This includes individuals and groups in corporations/organizations, school districts, religious institutions, and the family unit.


Our training sessions are meticulously planned and designed to achieve maximum benefits based on the objectives set forth, and the need of the participants.


The standard amount of time training sessions last is 2-4 hours, or half day.  Our method of training is interactive and will be comprised of both group activity/discussion, lectures and PowerPoint presentation.



"We have the capacity for greatness, but someone with the keys has to help you unlock it!"

-Queen E. Phillips 


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