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Welcome to the ROYALTY SOLUTIONS, LLC Training Presentations Channels!

Training Channels

Training Channels

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There are three (3) channels with pre-recorded presentations. Each one developed to offer biblically-based content and principle keys to unlock your greatness to live a powerful, purposeful, and productive life as a Christian that is a follower of Jesus Christ.


  • Emotional Health (Channel 1) focuses on controlling your thought life (practicing selective thinking), and managing your emotions; understanding how your thought life determines your emotional responses and actions, and keys to living a stress-free life from a biblical perspective.


  • ***Personal Growth & Development and Encouragement (Channel 2) focuses on personal transformation, growth, and encouragement to practice Christian interpersonal skills, teamwork, leadership, etc.

  • ***Faith, Spiritual Growth, Disciplines & Counseling (Channel 3) focuses on the Christian walk of faith, spiritual growth. Videos and PowerPoint presentations that teach biblical principles and the practice of spiritual disciplines to shine as "lights" in this dark world. Also, presentations, also special messages, readings/discussion that offer wisdom and insight from books written by the author on how to live purposeful and powerful lives through faith in Jesus Christ.


Biblical Counseling


The ultimate goal of Biblical counseling is to help Christians identify behaviors that are inconsistent with God’s teachings, so they can become more accepting of God’s will – even when it’s not their will.  Biblical counselors believe that the bible is the ultimate guide on how people, especially Christians, should think and behave. In other words, they view this holy book as the one and only truth.




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What Issues Do Biblical Counselors Address?

The goal of biblical counselors is to use the Word of God (Holy Bible) as the authority that addresses all of man's issues and offers the solution to all man's problems. Biblical counselors address God's eternal purpose and perspective regarding the body, soul, and spirit (the material and immaterial part of man).  The wisdom of God as revealed in the Bible gives instructions to help people better manage life here on earth and resolve any issues in their lives. The biblical counselor uses Christ-centered counseling to help change lives and experience the abundant life Christ promised to all who believe.

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