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Warning Signs, So What?

This sign was at the entrance of the botanical garden I visited. Thankfully, I didn't see it upon entrance to the garden. Since I love nature, beautiful plants and flowers, I must have been too excited to begin my stroll. The truth? If I had seen it, fear would have consumed me. I AM TERRIFIED OF SNAKES! I would have been too distracted by the thought of seeing snakes. Although the garden was a majestic site, I would have missed everything I had expected to see! I could not have enjoyed the beautiful scenery and embraced the peaceful atmosphere I was in.


How many times do we pay more attention to things that cause us to be afraid to enjoy life?

We can easily miss the beauty of life in these times when we see so much ugliness surrounding us. This quote says it best:

When we see warning signs with graphics and read them, the images are embedded in our memory The words are rehearsed in our minds and the word "cautious" or "warning" captivate our thoughts. Instead of an enjoyable and memorable experience, fear grips us. Sometimes it last for weeks or months; perhaps years depending on the severity of our experience-- not visiting a botanical garden, but something much more traumatic. Life can become most miserable--our "good" expectations are minimized, we conclude our goals are unachievable, our potential is too limited, our reality is suppressed by a painful and traumatic past, and our dreams seem impossible. Do you know when I saw the sign and actually read it and took the photo? It was AFTER exiting the beautiful garden. AFTER I had accomplished my goal, which was to enjoy the day, see the beauty of nature that surrounded me, and be inspired by the peacefulness of the environment. There was NO NEED to fear after I had strolled the beautiful paths.


What are you afraid of because you've seen the warning signs and they're consuming your thoughts so that you can't move forward or pursue your goals and dreams??

Get on the path to promise and don't let fear from warning signs hold you captive!


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