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It's New Day!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Such calm after last evenings storm. The boisterous winds, lightning , and roaring clasps of thunder resulted in a power outage. But today there is an unexplainable stillness and peace. The birds are tweeting praise. The calming breeze is felt and heard through the tingling of chimes. The sounds are powerful enough to lift the heavy loads we often carry in life.

Oh! And the sun peeks through the clouds as if to remind me, "I'm still shining amid the uncertainties and bloodshed that are causing many to question the existence of an all-knowing and all-powerful God.

After yesterday's trending news about the killing of George Floyd, by a Minnesota policeman, many protests that started out peaceful turned into riots and violence by those with evil intentions. Looters seized the opportunity to protest from emotional instability. Of course, violence is never a solution to a problem.

Unfortunately, when emotional buttons are pushed to the max, human reasoning becomes irrational. Misjudgment and chaos rules the moment and sometimes the hour and the day. The murder of George Floyd and the long list of African American men killed has pushed the emotional button of everyone whose heart is not darkened by hatred and racism.

The world watched the reality of injustice and inequity that African Americans have lived for years. But what now? The emotional unrest--anger, bitterness, the conversations about racial and systemic injustice must no longer be a trend that is talked about for a season. There must be a solution that is inclusive to bring this reprehensible and inhumane act to an end. I pray that truth of oppression is revealed and real change is now!


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