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Fact-Check Mourning

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Fact-Check Mourning

"A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance..."

If mourning could be fact-checked, there would be no lies only the truth. That is we are emotionally drained from grieving the deaths of family and friends. Many caused by the debilitating disease of Covid-19, as well as the ills of a society, i.e., hatred, injustice, and political antics. Yes, we are still in a pandemic that is partly the cause for much of the chaos, social distancing, and emotional distancing in our nation.

It is as if grief has gripped the soul of our nation and we are all struggling to breathe. We are being marginalized and divided because of skin color, opinions, beliefs, politics, and disagreements on who or what we should mourn. Every day that we wake up should be a sobering reality that life is but a vapor. Certainly, the daily rising death tolls should be a reality check. Every day that we're alive is another opportunity to be intentional to do something personally to change the times so that we can laugh and dance rather than weep and mourn.

Mourning is a human commonality among emotional beings and grief does not discriminate, although we all deal with grief differently. Getting through the process varies; some faster and others slower. But the hope is that we all go through it, and the pain of loss is not as excruciating as at the first. At some point, we learn to manage. Since grief is a part of life, managing our emotions is key to our well-being. But how do you manage your emotions when you feel like your life is being peeled away layer by layer because you're mourning? After all, when you love hard, you grieve harder. This is because grieving is the evidence of our loving. You manage grief and emotions by using the cord that is powerful enough to connect us and sustain us during life's challenges. That powerful cord is LOVE. Unfortunately, when that cord is severed by hate and ignorance we are disconnected as human beings.

When we are disconnected from one another, there is no mourning for the loss of your fellowman. Why is that? Because the love cord that should bind us together as human beings has been cut. This is why some people can grieve the death of their pets deeper than the death of another human being, even a relative. Hatred is dismantled when love rules the heart.

Each day that we awaken is an opportunity to help one another get through this time of mourning. It is often the simple things that matter...a smile, a fitly spoken word, a funny gesture, even a dance. Each one of us can change the narrative by rewriting the script to portray love as the lead character.

Therefore, this time of weeping and mourning can become a time of laughter and dancing, if we manage our emotions and let love and peace be like stalwarts first in our heart, then our

family, homes, schools, neighborhoods, community, religious organizations, and government.


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