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Be Free to Forgive

Forgiving someone who has wounded you, broken your heart and left you feeling hopeless is hard to do! I know! I have experienced some of the most hurtful occurrences in life, but because of my devotion to Jesus Christ and His lordship over my life, I had to choose to let go and be healed.

It's no denying forgiving those who hurt is hard, but it's necessary. Therefore, this special training/coaching session is necessary, especially for Christians in these end-times.

This 2-hour session will empower you through the Word of God so that you experience the liberating power of forgiveness. The following will be presented:

The dangerous risks of living with unforgiveness A case study on Family Matters The power of forgiveness 10 Biblical truths on forgiveness Family restoration Prayer & Release

It's time for the "honesty" challenge! It's time to be free, healed and whole!

See you there!

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