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Giving you the keys to unlock the greatness within to live a purposeful, powerful and productive life.



Coaching has been a part of Queen’s life for over 20 years in her roles as manager, supervisor and training specialist. Each of these positions required her guidance and assistance in employee development as well as advice about personal life issues. She has worked 25 years as a teacher, conference speaker, workshop presenter, and mentor.  



Queen E. Franks Phillips
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ROYALTY SOLUTIONS, LLC gives you the keys to unlock your hidden treasure and live a powerful and purposeful life. We are a Christian counseling, coaching and consulting business. We give individuals personal tools based on biblical principles to embrace their greatness, which empowers them to handle life's challenges that are beyond personal control. We specialize in transformational coaching, personal development, emotional stability/well-being, and situational leadership. Our focus is on the development of character and a healthy self-image to enhance interpersonal skills, which impacts job performance, cultural diversity, and interaction with others. We cover areas such as purpose, identity, self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-assessment. We also develop presentations unique to the needs of the consumer/client.


We are committed to seeing lives transformed by giving them the keys to unlock their potential, change their way of thinking, and see themselves from a kingdom perspective.

  • What goals do you desire to achieve but never pursued because you gave yourself one excuse after another?


  • What dreams have you given up on because of fear?


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