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Royalty Solutions

with Queen Esther Phillips

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Kingdom Influencer and Communicator Specializing in Christian Counseling, Coaching, Training, Spiritual Growth and Development

Hello and welcome!

Yes, Queen Esther is my real name.

And just as she was "called for a time such as this," so was I. As a Christian educator, spiritual life coach, and ministry leader, my purpose is to equip you with resources, tools, and biblical principles I call "kingdom keys" that will empower your life and give you the courage and confidence to fulfill your calling and God's purpose for your life.

Training Videos:

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Coaching Programs


1 30-minute intake session

3 1-hour monthly sessions

Identify your goals and what changes need to be made to achieve them. With a focus on transformation, these sessions are designed to help you realize your potential, develop clarity, and walk out God's purpose for your life.


1 1-hour intake session

6 1-hour monthly sessions

In this advanced coaching session, we'll work together for six months with the intent of digging deep beneath the surface to reveal and release your authentic self. I AM RELEASED 601 will help you identify not only what you need to do but who you need to be in order to turn your dreams into reality.


3 1-hour monthly sessions

Once you've completed I AM REVEALED 101, continue your journey with three additional sessions. This time around, we'll utilize the lessons learned to elevate your growth and complete a plan of action that's aligned with intentional living as a kingdom citizen.


1 1-hour intake session

6 1-hour monthly sessions

If you've ever felt broken by betrayal and unkept promises, MY PATH TO PROMISE is the coaching program for you. Inspired by my book The Path to Promise, together we'll figure out if you truly want to move forward, if you're ready for the road to recovery, and how to see your situation through God's eyes.

listen to this!

Inspiration for Life

Hosted by yours truly, Inspiration for Life is a podcast that offers prayers and words of encouragement that help you recenter your focus on what's good, praiseworthy, and positive no matter what life has thrown your way.

Want to take it to the next level? Become a paid subscriber.

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On the Blog

a little literature

Literary Solutions  by Queen Esther

I'm committed to seeing lives transformed and my books give people the keys to unlock their potential, change their way of thinking, and see themselves from a kingdom perspective.

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the path to promise
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More Resources


Let Us Pray and Praise (Special Edition)


Available on Apple, Amazon and all digital platforms.

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